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The Guanaco Affair is now on eBook – Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Scribd, Baker and Taylor, Tolino, Bibliotheca, Overdrive and 24 Symbols. Click here.The_Guanaco_Affair_3D_book_cover

The Guanaco Affair is here!

The_Guanaco_Affair_3D_book_coverThe Guanaco Affair is now available here

A blameless Brisbane woman is abducted.  A man is murdered behind the Queensland Gold Coast. Community danger is imminent. The characters of the clandestine Netherlands-based International Investigation Bureau return in a thrilling 2008 crime mystery which intrigues readers with its interwoven stories about the long-term effects of war on the survivors from South America, Britain and Australia. Keep visiting for more information.

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My books are all available on Amazon. Click here to see books and prices.SFS photos 018 edited

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We need a cultural change!

Be a critical thinker! See the evidence about the global population expansion, the huge range of the wealth disparity, how the political and economic systems are all being gamed … and what some of the solutions are.  They start with you being informed!

There are positive ways forward. Read The Most Avoided Questions. 21 chapters in 222 pages with 519 end notes to provide the links to the evidence. Click here for the links to eBook (less than the cost of coffee) and soft cover ($20 AUD). #supportqldwriters #themostavoidedquestions

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For less than the cost of a coffee, you can read the evidence about The Most Avoided Questions on eBook. See the links at .  Share and spread the word about the ‘smoke and mirrors’ of our political and economic systems.

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It’s here!

The Most Avoided Questions is now available on Amazon. Click here. An eBook version is available on KOBO, Nook and Kindle at this stage.

For more information about the chapters, click here.


The Predation of Power

The abuse of power comes in many forms. It is pervasive across most societies.

  • There is the power of wealth to influence political processes to retain the economic status quo, despite the increasing dysfunction of the wealth disparity.
  • There is the power of violence to impose a particular control over others, whether that be at a personal level, such as domestic violence, or the intimidation of an army invading.
  • There is the power of brainwashing – the use of fallacies and lies to confirm biases or notions of superiority or, by repetition, to make others believe that wrong must be right.

But it is not a lost cause. We have the power to change attitudes and cultures. History has many examples. But it does need leadership, from each of us as individual role-models, as well as at the national and international level.

Part of the answer is education – enabling us all to be critical thinkers, to see through fallacies so that we can present arguments based on evidence and logic rather than fantasy or self-affirming belief. Part of the answer is people power. History has a catalogue of the powerful being overthrown by the united action of the people at the ballot box and even, on occasion, by revolution.

My next book, The Most Avoided Questions, asks Why is it so? It lays out testable evidence to challenge the unquestioning acceptance of the current trajectory of unrestricted growth on a finite planet.

It will be available in late November 2017 on Amazon and as an eBook on Kindle, Kobo, Nook and iBooks. Thank you for your patience!



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By popular demand, I have uploaded all my novels as eBooks. Click on Kindle, Kobo, Nook (Barnes & Noble) or iBooks (Apple). Yours for $4.90 AUD.

Searching for Siobhan ÔÇô Front CoverThe Chess Board ÔÇô Front coverthe-napoleon-curse-front-coverRoller Coaster – Front CoverThe Run – Final Front Cover

If you want a mystery story which will also challenge your thinking, these books are written for you!


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