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Jim Reay is a former high school principal and senior public servant; now a writer of short stories and mysteries. Born a Scot and educated to post-graduate level in Britain, he worked in London for several years before emigrating to Australia to continue his career development. He brings a range of perspectives to his stories; from the land of his youth as well as his love of history, learning, culture and Australia.

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Here you can see my latest novels, The Cyber Ambiguity, Prime Minister by Accident, The Guanaco Affair  along with  The Chess Board Searching for Siobhan, The Run,  Roller Coaster  and The Napoleon Curse as well as my first young adult fiction, Catching Legends, and a sample of my recently published short stories.

My first non-fiction book, The Most Avoided Questions, is published on Amazon and most eBook formats.

Read an interview with me at or watch on YouTube to a 16 minute radio interview with me speaking with Simone Feiler at Radio 101FM.

I’ll be adding excerpts from my new work over time, as well as keeping you up-to-date with my sources of inspiration.