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Searching for Siobhan ÔÇô Front Cover

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Searching for Siobhan sample

The woman tapped at the car window, holding up a map.

Siobhan smiled and leaned over the passenger seat to hear what was being asked.

At that moment, the driver’s door clicked open behind her …

Searching for Siobhan, on the surface, is a story about a Queensland high-school teacher, Harry Boyd, searching for his missing lodger. But that expands into a geo-political crime mystery of global potential – due to a wealthy man’s ego. It is a tale about trust, façades, the abuse of power and society looking away.

Set in the Brisbane of 2009, Harry is a mathematics teacher whose Irish-reporter tenant, Siobhan Doyle, disappears in puzzling circumstances. He reluctantly becomes the amateur detective to find her.

Harry struggles with the apparent inaction of the police and employs his own private investigators: local sleuth, Mike Grant; and, on Grant’s recommendation, an up-market Sydney PI, Jane Winston, who introduces him to the big end of town.

It is the confident attractive Winston who invites Harry to Sydney to meet a wealthy investment consultant, Geoffrey Bryson. This opens a whole new awareness of high-level corporate crime and the activities of Brisbane-based global entrepreneur, Basil Stannard. The elephant in the room is the subterfuge around Stannard’s multi-billion-dollar visionary project for the nation.

It is Harry’s skill with mathematics that eventually resolves the dangerous mystery.

  • ISBN 9781875872893
  • 300 pages