The Cyber Ambiguity takes you into a world you probably didn’t even know existed!!
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Enter the dark world of international espionage to save the world from ecosystem collapse while tackling a global cyber conspiracy that is trying to reshape the whole world order.

So, if this episode is just a few crims trying to blackmail or some nutcases constructing another conspiracy to feed the cult industry, then that will be manageable – a nuisance, but manageable. But if they have a pinprick into Five Eyes military or intelligence security, then we all have a problem and I would like you to find out where that weakness is and how it was accessed.’

When ‘Witness Z’ tries to post protected information online, he genuinely thinks he is advancing a worthy cause to slow climate change, and stop the greedy plundering in the name of progress. But this passionate idealist is arrested for his trouble and is forced to make a difficult choice
Can Emma Jazy of the Dutch International Investigations Bureau convince Witness Z to help the Australian Federal Police track down the perpetrators of a dangerous threat to life as we know it?

ISBN 978-0-6484739-3-0 Hard copy

ISBN 978-0-6484739-4-7 eBook