460 pages. eBook available on Kindle,  Kobo , Nook (Barnes and Noble) with more to follow! Available here in hard copy – for $17.90 USD. Be swept along on a tide of intrigue as the two worlds of politics and crime collide in this innovative, thought-provoking novel. Prime Minister by Accident challenges the traditions of Australian politics and suggests a new way of thinking. thumbnail_PRIME MINISTER BY ACCIDENT_3D Book Cover

Justin Kipps, a 21-year-old Brisbane honours graduate, posts a blog called The Manifesto. A Sydney shock jock lambastes him on air. Social media takes Kipps’ side and the story goes viral, rocking the boat in the hallowed halls of Australia’s Parliament House. Meanwhile, detectives Sarah Power and Luke Dexter watch a male body being pulled from the spillway at the foot of the Canberra’s Lake Burley Griffin dam. Murder! Who is the man with no identity? Tension mounts as dark national and international powers threaten. Dedicated to reforming the political process on behalf of a disenchanted public, Kipps is assisted by an eclectic group of volunteers, wise sages, a wave of social media, his own wit and his adept speaking skills. Can he beat the political bullies at their own game, gain respect and influence the national agenda? Will corruption win out? Or can the impact of social media help Kipps lift politics into an audacious new order?

Are there other ways, within the Australian Constitution, to govern our country better than has been offered? What we have doesn’t have to be the way it can be.

Follow Justin Kipps’s journey!! It may change the way you think! Read a sample here: PRIME MINISTER BY ACCIDENT – Chapter 1-5