The Cyber Ambiguity is a spy novel set in Canberra in the Covid era.

Available NOW in soft cover paperback. Being published now in most eBook format.

The Cyber Ambiguity takes you into a world you probably didn’t even know existed!!

We are all comfortable in our world of connected phones and internet access. We take it for granted. But the public online access that we all use is but a tiny fraction of the internet. There is a whole other world behind the obvious.

When ‘Witness Z’ tries to post protected information online, he genuinely thinks he is advancing a worthy cause to save our wildernesses, slow climate change, and stop the greedy plundering in the name of progress. But this passionate idealist is arrested for his trouble and is forced to make a difficult choice.

Can Emma Jazy of the Dutch International Investigations Bureau convince Witness Z to help the Australian Federal Police track down the perpetrators of a dangerous threat to life as we know it? Together, they enter the dark world of international espionage as they attempt to save the world from ecosystem collapse while tackling a global cyber conspiracy that is trying to reshape the whole world order.

Emma and her IIB colleagues return in this thrilling spy mystery set in Canberra in the Covid era. A slow-burn mystery with plenty of twists and thrills to keep you engrossed, it exposes the dangers of blindly accepting the benefits of technology when we are ignorant of its imperfections.