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Read it again, Sam!

the-napoleon-curse-front-coverA writer can spend years crafting a story to entertain you with a plot and characters – but often there are subtle messages to challenge the reader’s thinking. If you whiz through a book just following the plot line, it is possible that you are missing a lot of the nuances and humour that the writer intended you to ponder. How often have you seen a movie, twice, three times, many times … and seen things that you didn’t notice on the first viewing? Books can be like that too! Pull a book off your shelf and read it again!

In support of editors

Roller Coaster – Front CoverEveryone has an opinion. But is it an informed opinion? If you want your water pipes fixed, do you do it yourself or do you call a plumber? If you want new electrical wiring, you call an electrician. Why? Because they have skills; proven, verified and accredited. If you are writing a book, who do you ask? Your family? Your best friend? Or do you call people who are accredited; people who know about writing, about style manuals, about publishers’ requirements, about the myriad of subtleties in getting a written message across to potential readers. You call a qualified editor!

Patrice Shaw ( has edited all my novels – high-quality professional development for me. Kirsty Ogden ( is an editor and graphic designer. She has produced all my super page layouts and cover designs. She has accessed all the various publishing avenues for me. Check out what an accredited editor can do for you!

Solve the mystery

When the real world seems crazy outside, settle down to solve a mystery in the safety of an exciting novel! Be carried along with the story and the characters. Five of the books are based in Australia, two in Europe. All are in the libraries of Brisbane, Queensland and the Australian National Library in Canberra. Enjoy!Novels

Atop democracy

IMG_2633From the rooftop of the Australian Parliament House, you are above the politics. Take the time to read ‘Prime Minister by Accident’ on eBook – a thrilling journey as a naive, yet clever, young Brisbane man sets out on a different path to improve the Canberra political system.  Be inspired as Justin Kipps’ social media idealism meets the dark world of crime, dirt-digging and international power games.

Are you stereotyped?

The_Chess_Board_3D_book_coverIs your self-esteem based on someone else’s opinion of you … or whatever box others might fit you into?

‘The Chess Board’ is a spy mystery set on the Queensland Darling Downs where no-one fits into the role that society usually expects – the opposite of stereotyping. The book explores social convention by contrasting the humour of unique characters with the gravity of crime, guilt and redemption. Read the novel in eBook or borrow from the local, state or national libraries … and enjoy!

If life is the sentence for one murder, what should be the sentence for mass murder?

Appeal Court, CanberraThis is the appeal court in the High Court of Australia. We all have different views on what justice should be: punishment, retribution, deterrent, rehabilitation, keeping society safe … ‘Searching for Siobhan’, ‘The Guanaco Affair’ and ‘The Napoleon Curse’ are all based in Australia and each explores different notions of justice through novel crime scenarios. If life imprisonment is the sentence for one murder, what should the sentences be for global crimes or mass murder? Click on the links. Read the stories in eBook!

Evidence! Critical thinking!

The_Most_Avoided_Questions_3D_coverIn a world of spin, fake stories, fallacies and lies, how do you know what is true? Critical thinking uses evidence and carefully tests that evidence, just as law courts try to do, before coming to a logical conclusion. That is a huge difference from just trusting that whatever you read or hear might be factually correct. ‘The Most Avoided Questions’ is a non-fiction book that examines many of the moral issues of our time, in easy-to-read short chapters. Click on the webpage link or the book image to see some of the issues being addressed.

Chapter 13 deals with the types of fallacy that spin doctors use to influence your thinking. Chapter 6 examines belief systems. Read this philosophical morality challenge in eBook.

Be informed. Read!

Roller Coaster – Front Cover‘Prime Minister by Accident’ is set in the Brisbane bayside and Canberra. Be informed about a process to run the country, better. ‘Roller Coaster’ is set in 2030, mainly in Scotland and the Netherlands. Someone has sabotaged all the silicon-based electronics on the planet. What needs to be done soon so that we can avoid the collapse of all that we take for granted in our technological world? Read the stories in eBook! Be informed! Be a critical thinker!thumbnail_PRIME MINISTER BY ACCIDENT_2D Front Cover

Checks and balances

Searching for Siobhan ÔÇô Front CoverCivilised society survives by having accepted rules to protect the general population and the vulnerable – to balance freedoms and rights. It is necessary to have regular audits and monitoring to see that the systems are operating legally. ‘Searching for Siobhan’ explores such a scenario in 2009 Brisbane.

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