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Safe in dangerous times

The_Guanaco_Affair_3D_book_coverIn these difficult Covid-19 times, read Chapter 1 of the thrilling mystery, ‘The Guanaco Affair’. Set primarily in Queensland, it has historic links back into the dangers of Argentina and Vietnam. Available in eBook formats, enjoy the romance and danger, safe in the knowledge that the story will end well.

The ‘new normal’


thumbnail_PRIME MINISTER BY ACCIDENT_3D Book CoverOur post Covid-19 world is unlikely to be the same as before. Read the sample of ‘Prime Minister by Accident’ here. It is an intriguing mystery set in Brisbane and Canberra that shows a different, perhaps better, way forward. Follow 21-year-old Justin Kipps as he rides a social media wave to change the way government works. ‘Prime Minister by Accident’

How do others see us?

Covid-19 forces us to isolate in the familiar. ‘The Chess Board’ is an exciting spy mystery set on Queensland’s Darling Downs which challenges familiar stereotypes. Characters question how we each view the world. People don’t always fit the expected mould. Read a free sample here and then lose yourself in the romance of the Australian landscape. Available in eBook.The_Chess_Board_3D_book_cover

Why write? Interview.

SFS photos 018 editedWhy write? The Australian Authors’ Marketplace has done a feature on me. For some, there is a joy in getting ideas down on a page. For others, it clarifies thinking or saves important thoughts for another day. Perhaps you want to persuade or influence. There is a world of knowledge, experiences, thinking, cultures and history preserved in written words. Without the writing, we would rely on stories being passed on by word of mouth. Click here.

It is arithmetic!

By 2025, the Earth’s population will have quadrupled since the World War 2 – yet we expect a steady positive progression in lifestyle for every generation. The current virus shows how vulnerable our world systems can be. When times are good, perceptions of risk diminish and people assume that the good life will go on forever. Chapter 20 in ‘The Most Avoided Questions’ asks: Should the next generation have life better than we have had? Could be worth a read! Likewise with ‘Roller Coaster’.

Roller Coaster – Front Cover


Read it again, Sam!

the-napoleon-curse-front-coverA writer can spend years crafting a story to entertain you with a plot and characters – but often there are subtle messages to challenge the reader’s thinking. If you whiz through a book just following the plot line, it is possible that you are missing a lot of the nuances and humour that the writer intended you to ponder. How often have you seen a movie, twice, three times, many times … and seen things that you didn’t notice on the first viewing? Books can be like that too! Pull a book off your shelf and read it again!

In support of editors

Roller Coaster – Front CoverEveryone has an opinion. But is it an informed opinion? If you want your water pipes fixed, do you do it yourself or do you call a plumber? If you want new electrical wiring, you call an electrician. Why? Because they have skills; proven, verified and accredited. If you are writing a book, who do you ask? Your family? Your best friend? Or do you call people who are accredited; people who know about writing, about style manuals, about publishers’ requirements, about the myriad of subtleties in getting a written message across to potential readers. You call a qualified editor!

Patrice Shaw ( has edited all my novels – high-quality professional development for me. Kirsty Ogden ( is an editor and graphic designer. She has produced all my super page layouts and cover designs. She has accessed all the various publishing avenues for me. Check out what an accredited editor can do for you!

Solve the mystery

When the real world seems crazy outside, settle down to solve a mystery in the safety of an exciting novel! Be carried along with the story and the characters. Five of the books are based in Australia, two in Europe. All are in the libraries of Brisbane, Queensland and the Australian National Library in Canberra. Enjoy!Novels

Atop democracy

IMG_2633From the rooftop of the Australian Parliament House, you are above the politics. Take the time to read ‘Prime Minister by Accident’ on eBook – a thrilling journey as a naive, yet clever, young Brisbane man sets out on a different path to improve the Canberra political system.  Be inspired as Justin Kipps’ social media idealism meets the dark world of crime, dirt-digging and international power games.

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