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The year is 2030. The population of the world is well over 8 billion. Someone has sabotaged all the silicon-based electronics on the planet. No modern technology is working – no phones, no computers, no navigation systems, no Internet, no television and there is minimal distribution of food – the world, as we know it, is grinding to a halt.

Roller Coaster – Front CoverArthur Blair, the eighty-two-year-old retired director of the Netherlands-based International Investigations Bureau (IIB), is back in this spell-binding thriller. Can he solve the mystery, expose the culprits and lift this dystopian scenario?

This is a story of how vulnerable any society can be when control is given away to powerful, faceless people. But it is also a tale of how a vigilant few can bring the sunshine back into the world.

Roller Coaster gives you a glimpse of a potential future. You may not like what you see. What can you do now to make sure that future never happens?

The old man ponders the question, as he balances in the small boat and sniffs the familiar sea air. How can anything be right?

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ISBN 9781875872930. Now available, December 2016.

Published by Rams Skull Press, Brassall, Queensland


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