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This philosophical morality challenge examines the historical and scientific evidence as to how we regularly make moral decisions about difficult issues. It asks the question made famous by Julius Sumner Miller, ‘Why is it so?’

The litmus test for morality is based on a level of thinking that passes the scrutiny of logical reasoning and is testable. The 21 chapters include:

  • Is survival of the species more important than human rights?
  • Are we all brainwashed and the notion of free will is a myth?
  • Should people have a right to say what they think – to express an opinion?
  • Who decided that all human life is sacred and must be protected?
  • Do only some belief systems have the answers for the future?
  • Were the Dark Ages really dark?
  • Is it right to accumulate as much wealth as you can?
  • Economic growth is the only way forward, even at the expense of using up natural resources. Is that right?
  • Does context affect human rights?
  • Fallacies or fact. Are media factoids being believed?
  • Is the definition of morality the prerogative of the self-righteous? Are some people naturally superior and others inferior?
  • Whose rules are right in a global society? For example, refugees – humanity or someone else’s problem?
  • Should the next generation have life better than we have had?

The chapters test the questions against the logic of their historical roots. They lay out evidence, expose fallacies and encourage critical thinking.

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