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the first two chapters from 
Catching Legends in downloadable PDF format.

Catching Legends Young Adult Fiction Jim ReaySuddenly, she smiled… as if I had accidentally unlocked some secret… as if the solution had been miraculously revealed through her fog of confusion.

She squeezed my hand reassuringly, casting  a glance over the mementos of our recent life for a moment longer.

Alfredo (Fred) de Faino uses his great-uncle’s coded diary to chat his girlfriend, Julia Tsai, at
their Rockhampton high school – and a whole
two-year-long intrigue opens up across Queensland, Singapore, Scotland and New Zealand. The twisting story-line unravels a painful mystery of lost Scottish children; it searches for World War 2 loot hidden in a Central Queensland Aboriginal burial ground; and it solves the conundrum of a Malay artefact called the Suci Kancil. All the parts of the story are connected, weaving like the strands of plaited hair, to the climax.

In memory of David Roy Tobane, (1946-2011), Jarowair Elder, friend and ‘brother’.

  • ISBN 978-1-8758728-8-6
  • 200 pages
  • RRP – $25.00 AUD
  • Published in 2015 by Rams Skull Press, Esk, Queensland, Australia.
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