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P1000859_resizedLook!  Reveal the mystery! See beyond the known! Russell Perry’s Australian Authors Marketplace is the site we have been waiting to access. Find Australian Authors by name, by gender, by state or by genre. All the writers’ books and links are laid out for you.  Even I am listed. Click here.


It could change your thinking!

thumbnail_PRIME MINISTER BY ACCIDENT_3D Book CoverPrime Minister by Accident‘ is now available – a thought-provoking novel set in Brisbane and Canberra. At times humorous, at times poignant – a crime mystery where the worlds of politics and intrigue combine … a story of a young man’s journey to reform the political process, within the Australian Constitution. What we accept doesn’t have to be the way it can be!!

Prime Minister by Accident

Coming in June. Be swept along on a tide of intrigue as the two worlds of politics and crime collide in this innovative, thought-provoking novel. Prime Minister by Accident challenges the traditions of Australian politics and suggests a new way of thinking. Check it out at thumbnail_PRIME MINISTER BY ACCIDENT_2D Front Cover

Dedicated to reforming the political process on behalf of a disenchanted public, Justin Kipps is assisted by a wave of social media, an eclectic group of volunteers, wise sages, his own wit and his adept speaking skills. Can he beat the political bullies at their own game, gain respect and influence the national agenda?

Will corruption win out? Or can the impact of social media help Kipps lift politics into an audacious new order?

They are in the library!

The_Guanaco_Affair_3D_book_coverAll my novels are available in the Brisbane City Council libraries, the Queensland State Library and the National Library of Australia. Seek, click on your library choice and you shall find.

The_Napoleon_Curse_3D_book_cover[1]Business card 002


Lost in the safety of books

Reading. Relaxing. Laugh. Thrill. Lose yourself in mysteries, adventure and history without the risk. Click here


Now on eBook

The Guanaco Affair is now on eBook – Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Scribd, Baker and Taylor, Tolino, Bibliotheca, Overdrive and 24 Symbols. Click here.The_Guanaco_Affair_3D_book_cover

The Guanaco Affair is here!

The_Guanaco_Affair_3D_book_coverThe Guanaco Affair is now available here

A blameless Brisbane woman is abducted.  A man is murdered behind the Queensland Gold Coast. Community danger is imminent. The characters of the clandestine Netherlands-based International Investigation Bureau return in a thrilling 2008 crime mystery which intrigues readers with its interwoven stories about the long-term effects of war on the survivors from South America, Britain and Australia. Keep visiting for more information.

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My books are all available on Amazon. Click here to see books and prices.SFS photos 018 edited

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We need a cultural change!

Be a critical thinker! See the evidence about the global population expansion, the huge range of the wealth disparity, how the political and economic systems are all being gamed … and what some of the solutions are.  They start with you being informed!

There are positive ways forward. Read The Most Avoided Questions. 21 chapters in 222 pages with 519 end notes to provide the links to the evidence. Click here for the links to eBook (less than the cost of coffee) and soft cover ($20 AUD). #supportqldwriters #themostavoidedquestions

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