Roller Coaster – Front CoverEveryone has an opinion. But is it an informed opinion? If you want your water pipes fixed, do you do it yourself or do you call a plumber? If you want new electrical wiring, you call an electrician. Why? Because they have skills; proven, verified and accredited. If you are writing a book, who do you ask? Your family? Your best friend? Or do you call people who are accredited; people who know about writing, about style manuals, about publishers’ requirements, about the myriad of subtleties in getting a written message across to potential readers. You call a qualified editor!

Patrice Shaw ( has edited all my novels – high-quality professional development for me. Kirsty Ogden ( is an editor and graphic designer. She has produced all my super page layouts and cover designs. She has accessed all the various publishing avenues for me. Check out what an accredited editor can do for you!