Due to popular demand, I now have a new business card – courtesy of Rams Skull Press

Business card 002


I am being asked why it is that , if the story is written, it takes so long to publish it. Delay your gratification to read the next book and I will explain.

Answer: The completed manuscript has to undergo a number of processes before it is ready for publication. My cover and page layout designer, Kirsty Ogden, has developed The Five Cs of Self Publishing. I recommend it to writers and readers who want to understand the bones of the publishing process.

First, for me, there is the structural edit to check for sequencing, plot continuity and character development. Then there is the copy edit, to check grammar and syntax, through to better ways to express a particular sentence, as well as checking point of view – to stop head-hopping from one character to another within a paragraph.

The edited manuscript then goes to the graphic designer for page layout and cover design, before the proofread to check for typos, spelling errors, extra words or missed words before the manuscript can go to the printer.

Once printed, my books are distributed wholesale and retail through Rams Skull Press. Why Rams Skull Press? That is a story for a later blog.

Enjoy your day!